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Our Company

MobiClixx was founded by Micropreneur, Ron E. Medley. His cheif aim is to promote the mobile ads of our advertisers to ensure they receive the highest Return on Investment (ROI) as possible. MobiClixx also requires that every moible online marketer maintains working knowledge of mobile marketing in general.

We maintain high standards to provide quality marketing services, through statistical tracking, fraud prevention and our quality assurance program. Finally, through a network of diverse publishers throughout the global, we are able to stay on top of what's trending in online mobile advertising.

Why MobiClixx?

MobiClixx is different form other affiliate networks, in that are publishers are very familiar with the markets they promote, in fact, they usually are of that demographic. Knowing the buying habits of any given demographic is crucial for the survival of any business, online or not. Our affiliates/publishers are very familiar with their individual markets. Many other networks have the "hit or miss" approach. We not only use strategic mobile data, traffic analysis and the expertise of our affiliates to strategically market ads for maximum ROI. I invoke and employ my angels to bring immediate millions of dollars to me through this website, for the good of all involved.


Our company benefits include, but are not limited to strategic ad tracking, global ad exposure, demographic and psychographics analysis and superior client support.

We firmly believe that our fundamental marketing practices separate us from our competitors. By concentrating on mobile data, psychographics, and market diversity we increase the success rate of campaigns not only for those that promote them, but for every person, or company that utilizes our network services.